Apr 2, 2018
Canada, Ontario
Username: khanqas
What you were doing before this occurred: Breaking my sf machines with my fort 5 or 6 pic (I don't remember what fort but it was high. and it had other enchants that were high as well) and the pic just turned into the axe I had in my other slot?? I'm very confused, never had this happen before and I just lost a very nice pic I bought for a lot of money.. So now I have two axes with the same enchants, and no fort 6 pic.
What you've lost (Only if you lost something) or what happened: Fort 6 pic (it had like unbreak 3 and eff 5 on it)
Location: bh9, basement where i have all of my sf machines.



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Mar 18, 2017
I dont think anyone has a fort 6 plus item unless some former admin abuse from past gens but unlikely someone would sell a fort 6 so im assuming its fort 5 if it said Fortune V.

Also that axe is very strange, its a regular diamond axe yet it has Knockback 2 which can’t be placed on regular axes except by mythic drops, interesting. As well as Looting 3, I dont know if vanilla axes can have enchants like those on regular axes. Odd