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Aug 21, 2017
1. What is your Minecraft username (ign)?

2. What subjects do you want to teach? (list 2 - 3 subjects that aren't taken and relates to Minecraft)
English/ Grammar, History, Drama

3. What is you rank on the server? (Citizen, Millionaire, Police, etc)
4. What would you do if a student wasn’t behaving appropriately in class?
If a teacher was misbehaving I would give them 2 verbal warnings, if they carry on I will then send them to a vice principal or principal.
5. Do you have a discord account? (This is now required for teachers to communicate and plan as a team)
6. What timezone are you in?( Important for knowing when to plan school)
GMT (Greenwich Meantime)
7. Why do you want to become a teacher?
When I joined the server I have seen lots of jobs that have inspired me to stay on the server so I could work up to the jobs, however teacher I didn't know of until 2-3 months ago as school wasn't open for quite a while, once I heard of the job teacher I instantly got interested in it as I would love to teach in game and try to make it like a real life school setting, however I also want to become teacher since it is something new I could try on this server as it sounds pretty cool.
8. Do you agree to be a good role model? As a teacher you should be responsible, mature, and follow the law. If a teacher is caught being a poor role model or breaking server rules they will be reprimanded.
Yes, I agree. Thank you for reading my application and I hope you give me a chance at this wonderfull opportunity at being a teacher so I can help make the server more enjoyable. Have a nice day :)