Selling Omega Slimefun School/Services


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May 22, 2017
Omega is opening up two new departments which include Slimefun School and Slimefun services.
What is Slimefun School?

It's a private tuition course you would take with me and some of my best slimefun engineers learning and understanding of the topic you paid for. Some might learn in 10 min and some might take 3 days. All of them will pay the same price and we will make sure you graduate from our slimefun school a slimefun engineer.

What are our Slimefun services?

It's a list of contraptions/machines systems that can semi-automate things (since auto farms are bannable) that are super useful for you. Slimefun is very interesting because you can make so many different machines and systems. For that reason, we will be adding more systems for sale over time.

How do slimefun services work?

You will for example, pick a machine that makes tirisamu. If you provide us with the materials the cost of making it will be way much cheaper. If you don't we can provide you with your own machines/materials. For the Slimefun services, we will only teach you about the things you need to know about the machine to make it work. For details, you will need to take a course in our Slimefun school. If you graduate from a bachelors course you will unlock masters courses. If you graduate masters courses you will unlock doctoral courses. The reason for that is because you won't be able to understand a doctoral without understanding the masters first and you can't understand the masters without understanding the Bachelors first.

What unlocks what exactly?

The Basic Machines course unlocks:
Technical Gadgets, Magical Gadgets and Magical Items Masters.

Food Bachelors unlocks:
Exotic food and drinks masters

Technical Gadgets and Magical Gadgets Masters unlock:
Energy and Electricity Doctoral

Energy and electricity Doctoral Unlocks EVERYTHING ELSE!

Slimefun School will include the following:

Basic Machines Bachelors
Price: 30k
Food Bachelors
Price: 10k
Exotic Food and drinks masters
Price: 20k
Magical Items Masters
Price: 20k
Magical Gadgets Masters
Price: 20k
Technical Gadgets Masters
Price: 30k
GPS-Based Machines Doctoral
Price: 30k
Energy and Electricity Doctoral
Price: 50k
Cargo Management Doctoral
Price: 75k

Slimefun Services:
-Slimefun dust farm
Price: 55k without machines/supplies.
120k With machines and supplies

-Gravel farm
Price: 35k without machines/supplies.
70k with machines and supplies.

-Coal farm
Price: 130k without machines/supplies.
250k with machines and supplies.

-Wood farm
Price: 60k without machines/supplies.
120k with machines and supplies.

-Any Plant farm
Price: 75k without machines/supplies.
140k with machines and supplies.

This is a new and interesting idea to widen the slimefun market by teaching players that cant learn it by themselves.

For slimefun services you will have to provide enough space for the farm/contraption.
For the slimefun school you will have to unlock all things on that sf guide section before entering the course.