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Jun 21, 2018
U.S. Oven
Opal's Delivery Service:
Do you have a bar or restaurant? Do you need food or ingredients for cheap? /msg QueenGoomy for farm fresh produce and seafood! I offer a variety of foods, such as the classic Minecraft carrots, wheat, potatoes, cocoa, you name it. I also provide all SlimeFun Exotic Garden fruits. I also have cactus, saplings, seeds, and wool. I have a large selection of items for you to buy! All of my prices are based on real life averages.

-Partnerships: I would be honored to support you and your business with my produce, just /msg , /mail , or contact me on forums to get on started!
-Deliveries: I deliver the goods myself. Not online at the moment? I provide a complimentary holding service. This means I will hold your order indefinitely until you are able to pick it up. Free of charge.

Pros: Relatively cheap, friendly service, secure holding service, honest work
Cons: Seafood will take a while to get to you, depending on the amount. I only cook the cheaper fish, that way you aren't paying a fortune on fish. Meats are temporarily unavailable, working on recovering that department. Certain SlimeFun fruits will take a while to get to you, such as glitched and tree fruits.

For each delivery, I kindly ask that you pay first, thanks! <3

Dr. Goomy
Sick? Injured? I will take care of you, FREE OF CHARGE. I believe in not hurting another player unless for self defense, and even then it's very rare that I will hit back. Instead I want to help everyone here, and being a Biologist helps me do that.

-Temperatures: Too hot or cold? I have the equipment to get you back to the regular temperature of 5.
-Injuries: I have all the splints and bandages I could ever need
-Illnesses: I have medicines I an cure you
-Duels: That's right, duels. I'm taking this from Hamilton: If they don’t reach a peace, that’s alright, time to get some pistols and a doctor on site. About to have some friendly PvP? Mention, /msg , or /mail me and I'll be your doctor on site. Gotta make sure you guys are healthy and fighting fit!

I'm really excited to serve you guys, stay awesome! <3