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Mar 18, 2017
So hi I’m Death, or you can call me inferno, whichever sounds better for you. My ign is Death_Inferno360, I think most of you know me as a guy with a lot of plots *cough*. Ok so anyways, I was thinking what to do with most of these plots, it’s not like I use most of them so my friend suggested me to start a raffle, for plots, it would be a monthly or every other month event, where I would raffle a random House, anyone would be able to join, a newbie or any player. So I realized I have gone over my limit by way too much and thought of maybe give back to the community a little in a fun way. So at the rate I buy/get plots at, I will likely be doing 1 plot per month maybe, but if my budget increases maybe 3 per month if I’m fortunate enough.
(Note I’m not trying to get myself to be totally broke, so don’t expect a mansion or anything wild like an island smh). So any thoughts ideas, and anyone wanna volunteer to help me do a google form sign up sheet as I’m not familiar with it all too much. I was thinking maybe I give a set of plots on forums with pics and let players pick which I will raffle, or I’d pick myself, but not sure. Hopefully I can start by this month, I just wanted to hear some thoughts and ideas here, and hopefully this will help (newer players hopefully), I mean if sacrificing one of the plots I don’t use brings in a loyal McCities players, then it’s totally worth it, after all I got to thank the owners for creating such a wonderful server, and this is a small way I want to try to give back to them.

Any thoughts, ideas, comments, violent reactions?


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Oct 14, 2017
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Well do a competition who cones up with the best idea for a plot can get the region for a reallyy fair price. So big house worth 450k for 250k if he comes with a good idea.

Also maybe give your plots away to newer members so let some friends of you advertise in game and let them sign up for it at the forums :)

Also dont give the regions to know real estate people.. that would just mean the price would go up really quick and they get stuck again in the market.

Or put them for rent make a contract let people rent or use for free if they find a replacement they can just give the region back to you there not allowed to sell it you can just sue them :)

Hide a chest in the region with a paper or a sign with a code if chests are locked. Let people look for if firat to find it wins.

Some random ideas xd


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May 19, 2017
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How about we start with checking ranks and their ar time for their rank to see the dedication put in so far?
For smaller plots and once they’re over citizen, you can raffle larger plots to that category anyways..
I just feel it’d be better to organise them into catagories, like have this below citizen and strictly for forum members, as that’d encourage peeps to join on here... idk. Maybe not that last part, but just a suggestion
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