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Oct 11, 2017
Citizen+ in-game rank (to see your current rank do /ranks)
No past discretions
Getting banned for breaking any of the general server rules will result in an instant disqualification. Alternatively, it must be 3 months since your last ban at the time of applying.
Questionaire App:

*Please wait up to two weeks to receive a response to your application. Pestering the minister or those involved with the application process will result in disqualification. If you reapply in less than a week, your application will be denied along with any other applications you send in.

City Laws
20 Minute Mark
20 minutes after the crime happened you are NOT allowed to catch the player any more and you have to let him go.

Bail format
[Player] jailed for [Crime(s)/listed incidences when applicable], bail {amount}
Use this format after the criminal has been jailed. Must announce in global chat.

Search Warrants
Search Team & Involved Officers:
Suspicion & Cause:
Region/Regions in Question:
3+ hits with a fist/item (not weapon) is assault. 1+ hits with a weapon/an item that has a weapon enchant is also assault. Bail $250
If you assault a police officer, an additional $250 will be added.
NOTE: Eggs, snowballs, and fishing rod use is not jailable unless the person is using them a lot to annoy other players! You must actually be combat tagged by the snowballs, or fishing rods to be counted as assault (Assault charge).
*Self defense (hitting but not killing another player) is still considered assault when witnessed by police.

The bail price for murder depends on the number of murders (check this with /incidents [player]).
- $1,000: 1-10 players murdered by suspect/criminal
- $2,000: 10+ players murdered by suspect/criminal
- If a police officer is murdered, add $1,000 to the bail price.
NOTE: If someone got murdered because he/she tried to escape combat, you may NOT jail the murderer. (It means that the player disconnected while being in combat and died because of that).

Friendly Fights
A person has to state that it is friendly, and with who they are fighting before a murder takes place if it is a friendly PVP altercation, otherwise cops have a right to jail the player who murdered.
If a message appears in chat that shows a player's death with common environment-related incidences (such as burning to death or falling) and it was the result of a fight, you can only jail for murder if "/incidents" confirms the death was caused by the player. If someone got murdered because he/she tried to escape combat, you may NOT jail the murderer. (It means that the player disconnected while being in combat and died because of that).

You must ask whoever is trespassing to leave the property once before jailing. This is the only time you can teleport to a player because you are asking them to leave and giving them a chance to get away.
If the incident escalates please report the incident to a Sr.Mod+. Escalation includes the trespasser setting a home inside the region they are trespassing on and player harassment (refusing to leave the general area etc).
- Bail - $750.

Selling Guns as an Officer (Licenses currently abolished due to Congress voting to no longer use them)
Guns and ammo can be bought from Sr. Police Officers, the Chief of Police, and the Minister of Security. Players must have an open-carry license.
The tax on all guns and ammo will be a 10% increase.
E.G: An assault rifle's regular price is $10,000; 10,000 x 1.1 = $11,000

Illegal Guns
If someone is found using a gun without an open-carry license it is a jailable offense.
Bail - $4,000. *Changed to set bail*
You are not allowed to bring any type of gun/bomb/weapon when school is in session.
Bail - $500

Possession of Drugs
The possession of any materials (pipes/syringes/ingredients) to make drugs or be in possession of the drug itself is illegal.
- $500 1-10 drugs
- $1,000 10+ drugs
*Review the Drug Guide (coming soon) for illegal ingredients and items.

Harvesting Drugs
Harvesting drugs (growing them) will result in being jailed. Apply for a search warrant through the Chief or Minister
Bail - $20,000. If no bail is paid, officers who conducted the search will receive a payout from their minister.

Bank Robbery
Attempting to rob the bank or being in the bank maze is a crime. Being invisible in the maze is prohibited and the player must be wearing at least one piece of armor or piece of equipment.
Bail - $2,500

Teamwork is an essential part of the McCities police force, and it’s recommended that you help out your fellow officers whenever possible.

Unfair Advantages
Police can use an unfair advantage against a player who is also using an unfair advantage. The item must be equal (slimefun, vehicle chases, vitamins to counteract effects from mythics, etc)or of similar effect to the advantage used. When in a confrontation with multiple unfair advantages it is up to the officer's discretion. If the criminal reports that an unfair advantage was used while no advantage items were in effect from their side they must provide video evidence.

***One Cop One Player Rule: Only one cop can go after a player who has committed a crime. However, if a cop is jailing a player and more criminals are added to the fight against the officer, the number of officers can match the criminals involved. So, if there are 2 criminals against 1 cop, there can be 2 cops and so on.

Advantage Limitations:
Magic Sugar (max of 25 in inventory during duty)
Multi-Tools can be used for pursuing the criminal ONLY if they are using one or a speed advantage.
You are not allowed to use your own armor (mythics or buffed vanilla pieces)
No "Frost Boots"
*McCities Police have the right to destroy vehicles that are considered impeding.

Police Rules & Restrictions
The following actions will result in points added, warnings, or demotion:​
- Do not Tp jail!
* Tp jailing is when you teleport to a player near the criminal and jail them. If the crime happened after some time that you had teleported you are allowed to jail.
- Do not Tp to someone and set a home there and use that home to jail people! You are not allowed to use /back if you are murdered. Using warps or /ptp (refer to police commands below) is allowed.
- Jails are only allowed in city worlds. Worlds excluded from general city laws are creative and resource worlds. If the player commits a crime and then escapes to one of the worlds to bypass you may issue a warrant for their arrest through your minister.
- Only jail for assault charges if you witness it happening.
- Selling any police items will result in demotion. (Armor/Batons/Tools)
- Abusing the jail system will result in immediate demotion.
- TBD: /invsee abuse will result in immediate demotion.
- Things can get heated during player confrontations. Report abhorrent or toxic behavior to staff or your minister. Further engaging with the aggressor will result in points toward demotion.

Reporting Police
The police have a point system to punish officers if they do something wrong. All player reports must include evidence of some kind (screenshots, videos, etc). Any general reports or accusations won’t be accepted without evidence. Constantly reporting, harassing, or bothering players or police with no evidence will be considered harassment (see rules).
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