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Dec 22, 2016
Many of you are probably unaware of what dynmap is, but any old player who has been playing since 2015 knows exactly what I am talking about. Dynmap was (debatable) to be one of if not the best plugin for cities roleplay. Because you could literally see cayman from a birds eye view and beyond or even see it from the side in 3D, You could see where all of the different islands are. I'm not sure why, but sometime in 2016 it was removed from the server, literally the only reason I can come up with on why it would be removed was that people could use it to track others to kill them. There's an easy fix to that, people can hide themselves on the map with one simple command. So people can have the option of hiding themselves on the map or not similarly to how people can choose if they want pvp on or off in their house.

If you aren't sure of what dynmap is most of the information is here


nibble, I know your a busy dude. But please add this, I can get you the amount of votes that would satisfy you that people actually want this.
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