Mar 30, 2018
Hello I'm RedstoneFinder Now you probably don't really care about your probably saying its just a normal player guy's what power does he have. WELL your right I'm just a normal player :p but that doesn't mean that I have no talent oh no no no no. I have talent for example I'm a guy who likes to build things modern medieval vanilla minecraft anything that I can build. I even have PROOF. oh yes if you like to see my proof just text me on discord BTW its RedstoneFinder1#4268 But yea I'm also creating my own discord server of my buildings I do your welcome to comet on them and tell me what I should work on I always could use the feed back :3 If you like to see well here's the server I'm still working on it but I hop you enjoy it ----BTW IM ONLY SUPPORTING THE SERVER WITH THESE BUILDS SO PLZ NO ADVERTIZING ONM OTHER SERVERS THIS IS JUST TO SHOW MY BUILDS mk--, also I like to say thx for the people reading my Hello its nice to meet new friends in my opinion :D Thx and hope to see yea later