Runnerboro Government Guide


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Mar 18, 2017
Runnerboro is an island in McCities owned by @eatsmith The City of Runnerboro does follow a constitution similar to the United States of America and Russian Constitution when it comes to how the Government is run. I Trump15024 am the current mayor and the city manager is @Pigpuns. This guide will go over the basics of the government.

Mayor: Maintain crime rates, Better the city, Improve quality of life, Bring new infrastructure, etc

City Manager: Manage the finances, Give advise to mayor, Promote the city, Hire/supervise employees, Create plots

Executive power: The mayor can take measures of their on called an "executive order". An executive order is an order from the mayor to his executive departments to perform a certain task for example here are some of the departments Department of Justice, Department of Health Services, Department of Transportation, Department of Law Enforcement, Department of Parks and Recreation, Department of Defense, Department of State, and Department of Treasury. Also, the executive action includes being able to change policy towards a particular subject such as new rules or temporary ordinances.

Bills: All bills introduce have to pass on a 2/3 majority. That includes the mayor, city manager, and the owner of Runnerboro.

Elections: Elections are based on an electoral college type system If you reside in Cayman, Golden Oaks, or any island, your vote will be counted, however, it is strongly encouraged that Runnerboro residents vote. If you live in Cayman your vote counts as one Golden Oaks your vote counts as 1 another island your vote counts as one and if you live in Runnerboro your vote counts as two.

Impeachment: If a citizen votes for impeachment, @eatsmith will review the case and if he accepts it, he will hold a vote on the legitimacy of your position.
If the mayor is impeached, the City manager will hold the mayor's office until he can get a hold of the candidate with the second highest votes, who will then take office.
If the City Manager is impeached, he will take the City Manager's office until he gets a hold of the candidate with the second highest votes, who will then take office.

Runnerboro Constitution as interpreted by the Cayman Court System, in which has the final authority.-

Amendment 1: Freedom of Speech

- "The Legislature may not pass a law that sets up or favors any religion. It will not make any laws to limit the free practice of a religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, or the people's right to gather together peacefully. The Department of Justice will not make any law to limit the right of the people to ask the government to change laws that they find harmful to them."

Amendment 2: Right to Bear Arms

- "The people have the right to keep and carry weapons (guns, etc) for their security and self-defense. The Department of Justice shall not make any laws to remove that right. The Right to Bear Arms with appropriate licenses shall not be infringed."

Amendment 3: Search & Seizure

- "People shall be safe from unreasonable searches of their bodies, homes, papers, and properties by the government. The government may not search or take things from a person's home without a warrant (a written order approved by a Judge/Justice). The Department of Justice will give out warrants only when probable cause is shown as a reason for the search. The warrant shall describe the place to be searched, and the things or the person's that may be taken."

Amendment 4: Cruel and Unusual Punishment

- "The freedom from excessive bail, excessive ticketing, excessive incarceration, and guarantee that punishments fit the nature/severity of a crime."

Amendment 5: No Self-Incrimination

- "A person who is accused of a serious crime cannot be tried again for that crime after being acquitted by the Department of Justice."

Amendment 6: Double Jeopardy

- "A person who is accused of a serious crime cannot be tried again for that crime after being acquitted by the Department of Justice."

Amendment 7: Imminent Domain

- "The government may not take a person's private property for public use unless they pay a fair price for it."

Amendment 8: Right to Trial

- "A person who is accused of a crime has the right to a speedy trial, which is open to the public. The accused always has a right to know their charges and face their accusers."

Amendment 9: Right to Witnesses

- "The accused will be able to see and hear the witnesses against him. The accused person shall have the right to get witnesses for his defense, and compel them to appear in court. He shall have the right to an attorney to help him in the trial if one is available."

Amendment 10: Felony Disenfranchisement

- "Certain people shall lose the right to hold a representative office. The citizens losing these rights are those who have been convicted of any Class 1 Felony within the last 14 days.

The mayor and City Manager also has the power to create/revoke amendments and create/remove laws as long as it has the 2/3 vote.

Thanks for reading I hope if you are running for something in Runnerboro you read over this guide!