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Aug 25, 2017
So as the owner and founder of Safari, i've promised to update you guys on every feature i make. Currently I've released 2 new features for Safari!
-Safari Classes: Which is where you can take SlimeFun classes with me to understand it more. You can take a class on a specific system, section, item or anything else!
-Sapple: Sapple is a mythic service that me and @Gabriel (the owner of Apple) have introduced earlier today. It is where we sell mythics for fair prices. We are NOT ruining the values of mythics we are just selling them for theyre exact price and no profits.

Right now Safari has loads of new features which ill be naming down below:
Safari Classes
Safari News
Real Estate
SlimeFun Shop (2 released, 2 more to go).

I'm currently working on getting a hotel, which would be a luxurious one and a very special one as well. I can't say any hints or stuff I'm adding to it but all i can say is: GET HYPED.

Discord: Ca$ual#7324
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