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  • Yes but only for people who are online at least one day of the week

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Jul 12, 2017
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Lately, Ive been looking for nether stars, but lately, and some time before, there are very few left. Eventually, therwe will be no more, and when that happens, that's bad. I think that there should be a program were you get one wither skeleton egg once a week, so you have a chance to get a skull. This would be very useful, and could help server economy flourish with machines.
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Mar 18, 2017
No, its possible to get skulls, there are methods to getting them, but this only means nether stars would be worth more. Which is part of the econ, its not like everyone in the server should have access to really advanced sf, the materials to make it sre what make it hard


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Mar 18, 2017
I think a wither skeleton egg should be a reword for voting.
No, fgs a wither skeleton is meant to be rare and hard to get now if it were to end up like parrot eggs, a ton of slacker will just end up getting their exp the easy way.

Why do players have more mythics than others, they grind for more exp

Why do people have more nether stars than others, they go to the nether and grind it themselves.

Nibble and the staff have previously declined the idea of making wither skulls or nether stars a buyable item because its something rare and should be rare.

If you honestly want nether stars go out in the nether and kill some wither skeletons, because honestly there is a lot of risk in trying to get skulls. One the lava can burn you and your stuff. Not even soulbound is a good conclusion as sickness like fever can arise and make you get confusion in slowness within a couple of mins if you got (helmet and chestplate on) which you probably need if your fighting a wither skeleton. There isnt really any other option to bow/gun the wither skeleton as you need to use the sword of beheading to make the most of it. The chances of you dying and have your stuff fall in lava isnt good. Honestly getting wither skulls requires a lot of effort and should be earned. If your lucky enough to find someone selling them, then good for you but other than that, its either you get it yourself, because having stuff like this general ruin the value.

I suppose all you players know there are things called alt generators. You can easily vote on all of them vpn, you can vote offline, pretty easy get the rewards when you go on, imagine how many skulls you can get out of that. So much abusable methods. Besides its only gonna devalue the worth of wither skulls. Most players vote per day. If it were like a 5% chance and lefs say 100 players + voted. 4 votes each that means 400 with a 5% chance, that means around 1 out of 20 votes are likely to get a skull. The point is its essentially hard to get, theyre worth a lot more than what theyre market price is, its only fitting its value go up rather than down. I know a lot of players want them for sf, like more advanced or max tier machines require nether stars, but again thats an exclusive item that isnt as easy to get. Sure dust carms can be made, but honestly put some challenge into it, if a player were to make everything just cause of having a dust farm then everything revolved around dust farms. But no other things are used to make more advanced abd better machines like nether stars and coal which can be tedious and hard to get which also limits us from causing a mass amount made of an item.

Jazz is also right, honestly I used to grind before the spawn rates went down but still if the spawnrates were back to normal it would be a fair resolution.