Selling Smol Real Estate - Current Listings


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Jan 11, 2018

Smol Real Estate
Smol Real Estate is a small team of realtor who are passionate toward the market on MCcities. If you require a real estate agent, please don’t hesitate to ask Smilinq via /mail in game. Please keep in mind this list will grow and more listings will be placed in the comments sections as well as updates regarding the status of each.

Smol Real Estate Proudly list the following properties:

Na-Brick18 // Row home in quite street

List Price ~ $90,000
Plot Size ~ Not Applicable

Er-16 // Studio apartment located around centralized pool

List Price ~ $35,000
Plot Size ~ Not Applicable

Amh21 // Waterfront home on beautiful Austrum

List Price ~ $250,000
Plot Size ~ 29x12

H605 // Brick home located on quiet cul-de-sac

List Price ~ $210,000
Plot Size ~ 22x18

MapleStore // Café ready for new lease of life

List Price ~ $115,000
Plot Size ~ 9x18

Mmh30 // Quaint home in a lovely location

List Price ~ $130,000
Plot Size ~ 14x16

Runh // Unlimited potential in this modern build

List Price ~ $115,000
Plot Size ~ 10x19

These Properties are also listed on our discord: -