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Jan 20, 2018
Greetings MCCities players, I am TwistedL0gic. I am the head of the Print division of the Smol Media Group, as well as the co-founder of Smol Inc. We are starting a new series on the MCCities forums called Smol Talk. In this series, we will be interviewing some different people on this server from different lines of work, and plan to post an interview every week or so. With this series, our goal is to let others know of these players’ experiences on the server, as well as give insight on their professions or companies. If you would like to get interviewed for this series, please start a conversation with me here, or tag me on the Smol Inc. Discord server. (Link: pHjg2nV)

Credit to @superlasses for this idea.

For this edition of Smol Talk, I spoke with a great friend, the co-founder of Smol Inc., VerySmolBirb (@Enharmonically on forums). Over the loud noise of customers talking and enjoying their food at Halsey’s Bar/Grill, Birb spoke with me in a lighthearted manner, frequently making jokes about her being ‘17 thousand years old’ and about me also co-founding the company she co-found as well. However, in between the jokes and light comedy, Birb spoke with confidence about our company, and honesty when she spoke about her early days on the server.

Disclaimer: Smol Media Group is owned by Smol Inc.

TwistedL0gic: Good afternoon, Birb. How are you doing?
VerySmolBirb: Dying, internally.
TL: Wow great; Let’s get started. First, just to refresh everyone’s memories; Tell me a bit about yourself and your company.
VSB: I am 17 thousand years old. I’m a grill.
TL: Is that all? Laughs
VSB: Our company, Smol Inc. is a business that covers building, real estate, entertainment, and food.
TL: Great. Let’s go all the way back to the beginning; When did you first join MCCities?
VSB: August 27, 2017.
TL: I see you’ve been here for a while.
VSB: Yes. I’m 17 thousand years old after all.
TL: Around that time, did you have any goals set for the long term (for this server)?
VSB: To be honest, I just joined this server to judge it.
TL: Why were you judging servers? Laughs
VSB: I did it because it was fun and so I felt better about myself.
TL: Ah nice. How did you decide you wanted to stay on this server and keep playing?
VSB: I stayed because I liked all the plugins and the realism, especially the brewery plugin.
TL: I agree with the brewery plugin. Laughs
Next, tell me a bit about your journey through this server. What was it like?
VSB: Ok first, I was a potato farmer and I lived in a crap apartment. I also had a fishing job, which sucked, but after that I got citizen and took the job exams.
TL: How’d you get to citizen?
VSB: Long pause
TL: It’s alright, you don’t have to answer.
VSB: I think I had just voted a crap ton, I didn’t really have a method.
TL: Once citizen, how did you decide you wanted to start your company, Smol Inc.?
VSB: It was a business that was started by you, Smilinq, and I. Not just me. Laughs
It was a home renovation and café business at first.
TL: How did it evolve into what it is now?
VSB: We continued to buy and sell plots and make more money in order to expand our business.
TL: How did your company become successful? What steps did you and your other co-owners take to ensure the company’s success?
VSB: We made sure no other company got in our way.
Just kidding. Laughs
In all seriousness though, we made sure to listen to our customers, as well as expand the business over to social media.
TL: That seems like a great strategy, from a marketing/customer service point of view.
VSB: Yeah, well you own the Discord server.
TL: Laughs
TL: While expanding your business however, has your business ever encountered any major problems? If so, how did you and your company overcome them?
VSB: Sometimes customers would get salty, and then we get salty. The goal is to be more salty.
TL: Ah yes, I have been a receiver and a source of that salt as well. Laughs
VSB: I agree, you’re saltier than the Dead Sea.
TL: Laughs
TL: Alright, moving on. What are your plans for the future for yourself and your company?
VSB: My plans for the future are to have one of the lowest [amounts of reputation]. For the company however, we plan to expand more across the server.
TL: How so?
VSB: We plan to expand in more ways than just restaurants and real estate. I’m totally creative as you can see.
TL: I can tell. I believe you designed the logo for your company. Can you tell me more about the story behind that?
VSB: Yes, in order to make the logo, I just made a red background and started painting lines to make it look remotely like a Birb.
TL: That seems like a rather interesting design process. Laughs
Finally, before we go, why is your reputation so low? It's currently at -67 reputation points.
VSB: Yours is lower.
TL: Well, mine is only lower by 3 reputation points.
VSB: It’s still lower… Clearly you took math.
TL: Yes, I understand. Laughs
Well, this seems like a good time to end the interview. Anything you want to say to the readers before you go?
VSB: Yes, visit Smol’s Bar/Grill. Okay bye.

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If you have any suggestions for Smol Talk, please feel free to reply to this, start a conversation on the website, tag me on the Smol Inc. Discord, or message me in game.

Note: I apologize if this interview didn't seem too serious. We will definitely try to approach the interview process with a much more serious tone in the next interview of this series.

Thanks for reading! :)
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