Some Small Server Guide


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Mar 18, 2017
Logging On

As I heard some reports being it potentially hard to log on, believe me I have been there constantly getting kicked for over 5 hours straight, Ive spammed the server a couple of times.

I recently learned a trick to use that @Uni told me about, instead of double clicking or pressing join server on McCities. Go to Multiplayer -> Direct Connect -> type in and press join, when doing this, it gives you the option to accept or don’t accept the resoruce pack. The resource pack being taken off has minimal features so I would piroritize less lag over it.


Lag is a common part of the game, I can’t really help with server lag or ping lag.

Server Lag cannot be controlled and usually I would suggest not playing when intense server lag happens.
For Internet Connection Speed or your Ping being really high, it usually depends how far you live from the server, which I think is located somewhere in the United States.

Fps Lag, can be caused with an insane amount of entities such as Mob Farms (in a huge quantity can do severe drops to fps).
Use of redstone/slimefun can cause lag
Mostly on higher programmed machines

As well as Mods, in most cases I would try to avoid using mods, even if its just for optifine, in some cases it can make it even worst since sometimes you can’t help but avoid adding a lot of mods.
Another would be to cut off mods you don’t need.


Some useful mods you could use on the server are,

for me this helps in generally reducing lag if you can’t help but use mods anyways, it helps overall.
As well as the zoom in feature can really help in aiming sometimes or scoping.

Definetly one of the best to take it basically maps the city or anything you see. So you basically have a map of the city, the catch is you need to explore that area before it getting on your portable modded map.
This also allows you to set waypoints on common areas you want to visit but don’t want to use your /sethome or other means to mark that area. A good way would be to have waypoints set there. It does not allow you to tp to it at all but generally it helps you locate the area faster as it tells you how many blocks far away from it till you can reach the desired destintion.

Helps if you generally like doing survival builds or if you need to use it for crafting things etc, this really helps. It gives you a viewable items crafting guide on everything, this includes things such as brewing. So it can really help a lot without popping open that search browser every once in a while.

It helps in some aspects like checking ping lag fps coords. As well has options for music like spotify, if ever your concerned how long till the next music or what music is playing and even shows the percentage until when your gear will break. And other customizable features like auto join highlighting words etc...