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Oct 24, 2016
your fruit bowl
Well, here we are. I bought sre4 who knows when and I'll miss it. But I'm ready to sell it ^-^

-memories free of charge-

This lovely goh/traditional home, presumably built by Poseidon in his Sr Arch days has four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a closet at every corner. Fr. Its slightly out of control. There's also a garage, lovely kitchen, dining room, small living room, a basement with an office, bonus room and other things, and a fabulous yard with trees and a fancy outdoor fireplace. Includes 20 llamas Mel bought and stuck underground, then purged the basement bc she invested a ton of valuable blocks into the floor. But they're super far down and you probably won't even find them. There's also a subbasement with entrance from a closet (good luck finding which one ;)) and the garage. Mel used at as chest room, but it has a huge tv and was previously a man cave. Also I think something blew up in there. I blame Death.

This place is truly beautifully built, with a homey feel. It's detailed and well built.

It's situated on a remote cul de sac, until you go out the back door. Venture out a little to the left and you'll come across the fabled gomansion-102, the Bean mansion where Jabu threw a ton of parties he just stood around at. The house isn't completely lonely, with several houses nearby but not all up in your space.

The plot is the weirdest thing I've ever seen, its 45 by 70 ish. But it curves and dips in, so you'll have less space than 3150 square blocks. Plus I was listening to music while I counted so take that estimate with a grain of salt ;D

If you are interested, please make me an offer. I don't expect it to go for the 5mil I listed it at unless a bunch of billionaires all want it.
Get a realtor or chat with me to see, plus enjoy these succulent snaps.