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Heyo lovelys <3 So a lot of lovelys have been leaving us lately... so i figured i would try to brighten the mood ^-^ So lately ive gotten REALLY addicted to reading fan fiction <3 AND i was thinking that maybe i would do a little writing/video contest! ^-^ And then i remembered that i have a $10 voucher lying around from potm that i never used o_O and -poof- here we are today.

So basicly you can enter the contest by writing or filming a story about me ^-^ There arent really any rules here, you can pretty much do whatever you want. Just try to make sure that anyone your including in the story would be ok with it. Whatever you guys want to write about me, you can. It can be dirty, weird, whatever you want, im giving you permission to write whatever about me ^-^ <3

To submit your stories you can:
1. Post Them On Forums (Tag me @Laurel so i will see it!)
2. Share It On A Google Doc (
3. Message Me On Discord (@Laurel#0711)

Prize: My potm voucher ($10) ^-^

Winner Will Be Announced: September 21st I think thats a good amount of time

So yea lovelys ^-^ Have fun with it!~ ^-^ I looking forwards to reading and watching them!! Dont Forget To Smile Lovelys <3