Strabella is shut down

  • We are currently looking for new architect and police members, if you feel up to the task for either, follow the links below to apply!
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Aug 25, 2017
Ottawa, Canada
So as most people know Strabella is a company i own. Now i didn't put much effort into making it so im going to re-do it and extend it! I will have most of the stuff that are Strabella related re-done by arch's. So for right now Strabella is shut down. We're also hiring employees for the future, here are the positions:
(2) Lawyer
(2) Slimefun Engineer
In order to apply for one of these positions/jobs please contact me (JustYourCasual) by mailing, messaging or contacting me on discord! (JustYourCasual#7324)
Adios Amigos :D