SunflowerInc. Ideas


New Member
Jun 23, 2018
Hi everyone!

So I have decided to start a company called SunflowerInc. My idea is to have SunflowerConstructions, SunflowerCafe, and SunflowerRealEstates.

Now I really thought about the cafe idea and was thinking to build a community centre. The community centre would have obviously the SunflowerCafe and also a community swimming pool and it would be a place that would generally be great to hang out with people and a place where people can be come and be civilised which would fit in with the city.

I would obviously be building the community centre (help would be appreciated /mail me in game) but it would need to be on a generous sized plot. I'm reading out to @nibble and the Jr Admins for this and maybe even setting a warp there.

The cafe would have signs like MCDonalds. Where people could purchase SlimeFun food and it would be set out like a cafe, the food would be cheap so that new player could also benefit from this.

I think that this would be a great addition to the server and would bring the people of MCCites together.