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To Powerfull/Connor/Conner/Bestie/Twin/Brother/Soccer Buddy,

Damn i dont even know where to start, since the day we met, i always thought you would make the most wonderful staff member ever… i don't know why but i have a clear memory of us 3 days after we became friends. We were building on a creative plot, and i remember thinking “Damn, this is the nicest, kindest, most positive guy i've ever met. He should be on staff” I remember telling you this, and a month or so later you applied for staff. In fact we applied at the same time, i remember promising you that if you applied i would apply just so i could get denied. And just like i predicted, you became staff ^-^ O yea btw, i apologize for my very bad grammar b/c we are writing our posts on the same google doc just so i can annoy you at the same time :> -.- chu better not be reading this at the same time as im writing it I SEE CHU. Anyways, you always put everyone else before yourself, made sure everyone was happy, your the most selfless person ive ever met <3OMG and stap showing me youtube videos while im writing this cause then i sound like a wierd whale b/c im laughing at the video and crying b/c of the post -.- ANYWAYS <3 im here for you always, i will miss you being staff but AY atleast this means you get more time to hang out with me :> oki, after that weird fruit video you kept distracting me with now i cant think right -.- OKI xD im back from my shower, lol everyone is going to think im so wierd b/c i THINK im going to post this unedited? Yea i think i will just cause its a letter to chu and i never edit anything i send to chu cause u can read my mind anyways xD

Oki, in all seriousness i couldnt even finish writing that last night... i was a little too un filtered xD thats only stuff i would text you BUT im posting this sooo yea xD cant rlly do that.... anyways... this is it... not the end... but a simple pause, a reminder of how special you are to me, because you indeed are my in game brother, twin since yesterday, soccer buddie, and best friend for life.
Im going to miss you being a staff member so much… but i dont love you because your a staff member, i love you because your like a brother to me, your my best friend, my soccer buddie, and the person i can always feel safe talking to. <3 your always there for me, you always know how to take the most sad and emotional molments and make me smile and laugh <3 ^-^ thats something no one in this world can do but you <3 Theres a long list of things that only we do… timing showers xD sending pictures of everytime you eat icecream :> (which btw i had a cheat day and took a pic of my ice cream for you <3) xD, leaving long rants even when i know you wont respond. This isnt the end……. I promise…. <3 “you fail to recognize that it matters not what someone is born but what they grow to be”-Harry Potter…. Dont think i will ever forget the night you sent that quote to me…. Its truely amazing the way you have with words <3 ^-^ Remember Connor…. Just like you taught me <3 Be Strong. Be Smart. Be Kind. Smile. <3