Accepted Toryn's Arch Application

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Oct 26, 2016
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1. What is your username?
2. What is your server rank? (do /ar check)
3. Do you have a discord account? (Yes | No | Willing to make one)
Yes I do!
4. What plot(s) would you like to submit? (/plot home <number>)
My 9th plot!~
5. What building styles do you specialize in? Choose all that apply. (modern, futuristic, traditional, medieval, terraforming, other)
Modern, Medieval, Traditional, And Magical-Ish Kinds~ (Like Giant Flowers, Castles, And more!) but I kind of have a special way of building I would say,
I like making some houses or castles matching colors or having tons of details to the build like heads, flowers and waterfalls! and I like seeing a lot of other builds too that gives me ideas for what I could do or do better and learn from!
6. What types of design do you specialize in? Choose all that apply. (interior, exterior, landscaping, outdoor areas, other)
I Like doing interior and exterior but it depends on the build, and the colors! (I'm very picky! xD) but I love doing landscaping and outdoor areas, Its really fun!
and I'm always willing to build matching colors and ill be willing to do very magical-ishh builds ~! and not really realistic but its really fun! but when needed, I will do realistic and modern type builds but it depends!
7. Why do you want to be an architect?
I Want to be architect because, I love building a lot and it would be really cool to help out the server and build! I always will be able to be on and help build! it's also really fun to build all these kinds of new things and learn from others and since I always learn new ideas for building and will be willing to be active and help! also I was an arch once before (I was never demoted or quit lol) and I've learned way more things about building and new ideas of ways I could build!
8. How would you contribute to communication with the team, community projects, and other architect-related things?
I would first make sure I have everyone in discord so I can keep in touch incase of any projects and related things, and I'll help out with any projects and make sure to check discord and stay online to see if any other arches need help or if projects come up
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