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Oct 14, 2017
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Welcome to TAP Toxic Awareness Program!

Here we will be announcing the start of the new project to make this community more open for new players and more fun for the old ones!

We have a detailed plan made to make the chats of this server less toxic and more welcomming. We want to spread awareness for this issue and give some advice on how to help with this project!

The problem we want to tackle is simple:
Less Toxic behaviour, swearing, cursing, fights and insults on this server.

To complete this goal we need everyone to participate and filter out the toxic players and change their behaviour for the better. Here are some things we want you all to do:

-Stop swearing
-Don't report players for swearing or bypassing
-/ignore players who annoy you without starting an argument first
-Telling players you have ignored them so they stop bothering others by cursing in the chat
-When some new player is toxic, be nice to them. Don't panic, just say hi! Welcome! How are you doing! If they keep cursing it will seem weird and out of context and without a response they will eventually leave or stop

Now we also have some tips on how to make this community more welcoming to new and even old players.

-Say welcome back (wb) to anyone who joins! This makes people feel part of the community and more motivated to stay
-Always say bye or later when somebody says there leaving! now ofcourse these 2 don't have to be done ALWAYS but if you see nobody saying wb or bye do it yourself! :D
-Point new players to /warp tutorial. It recently had a update so it's even more fun to follow the tutorial! :D
-If you have a big apartmentbuilding point new players towards it! Then they have a good starting point, don't put them in small crappy apartments folks!
-Help new players out! Somebody has a question! HELP THEM!
-Tell someone when he's breaking a rule, but don't report him. People deserve second chances, and most of the time the rule broken is not that heavy anyway. Why would we give a newbie a 7 day ban for breaking a floor if we can also tell them to just restore it quick before staff sees it ;)

Use these tips! Be a nice and good person and let this community grow again!
You can expect more posts from TAP in the future and we take volunteers to spot helpfull players and put them in a positive light!

Thanks for your time!