Transfer & Regioning Request Format

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Jan 18, 2016
> Creative transfer

You can use the form below to request to have a build in your creative world moved to one of your city plots.
Note that it must:

-Players can only have ONE transfer open at the time,
this limit does not count for architects.

  • Fit city standards
  • Generally fit in with the surroundings in your city plot
  • If you are replacing an existing build, it should be of equal or greater quality
  • Attempting to hide items in your creative plot will lead to very heavy consequences

Creative plot:
City plot you want the build moved to:

If you decide to do a survival to creative transfer, use a similar layout but ensure to make it clear where from and to you want the transfer.

> Regioning request

This format can be used to request regioning/change in regions. The form can be used for the following:

  • Requesting change in landlord after you've purchased an apartment property
  • Request apartments in islands (We no longer allow any more apartments in the city!)
  • If you cannot build on your property
City plot:

To make a request, copy the format and post a new thread on this forum.

Things to keep in mind

  • Rooms should be rectangular/square shape if you want them regioned.
  • You should include the description of the build when asking for the transfer, so we can locate it more easily.
  • You should count out the correct dimensions and lay out the borders of the region.
  • We are not here to spoonfeed you, you are expected to do your own work. We can deny your transfer/regioning request for any reason so don't be lazy.
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