1/10 correct-nothing

2/10 -a unique quality weapon

3/10 choice of 2 unique weapons or 1 scrap metal

4/10 I feel bad for you. have a reclaimed metal!
To receive rewards: message CommonDecency on Steam. Format it like this.
5/10 have 2 reclaimed and get outta here.
1: Forum name 2: wait.
6/10 congrats! you get 1 refined metal!

7/10 a Strange quality weapon

8/10 Random weapon from my backpack. chance of strange!

9/10 random cosmetic from my backpack. unique quality.

10/10 Congrats! Take a hat of your choice from my backpack! unique quality.


1: What is a popular meme that is said by the Heavy Weapons Guy? HINT: x+5

2: When taunting with the ubersaw equipped, what does the taunt do?

3: What is the DEFAULT weapon for the scout?

4:What does the Engineer do?

5: What is a Strange Quality weapon? (what does it do)

6: What is an Unusual Quality hat?

7: Who is the woman that gives you contracts?

8: How much is a craft hat usually worth?

9: Who says, "Boink!"

10: Where is the Soldier from?


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Can a staff member delete this thread? Its not related to mccities and the rewards arent even going to be given in the server, they are rewards for a different game.


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if it’s off topic you can discuss this. goes for the same on discord i’ve seen people say that some games have gone free for steam or just in general talk about other things besides cities