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Jan 3, 2017
New England
Hello, I'd like to announce the beginning of a building competition for Architects! *This is not a server-sponsored event*

The winner of the building competition will receive a plot on my island, bludhouse-29. The plot size is 30x27 (that's including the boundary, so editable space is 28x25). Please make a modern or traditional house for the plot. If you'd like to see the surroundings, let me know and I can show you sometime!

I know most of the architects are busy with other projects, so this contest will end on May 31. Please apply by commenting on this post, messaging me, mailing me, etc. and I'll put your name on a list. On June 1, I'll make a different post with a poll. The public and myself will have an equal say of who the winner is :D

Architects: Please do not show anyone your build, post pictures anywhere, or tell anyone which one your build is. I want this to be done solely by how the build looks, not with people voting for their friends. Best of luck to you, happy building!

Format for entering the competition
Creative plot:
What block is the build outlined in? (Please, no descriptions for secrecy purposes):