What a year


Staff member
Mar 18, 2017
Hello players of Mccities I thought I would just kind of go back of what 2018 has meant to me especially on the server. This year probably had to be one of the best years of my life I have had so far. Although, there was some bad moments like getting sick over the summer and suffering from constant If you message me this word you get $1k in game: Trump#2019 weakness until around the end of November where it got slowly better. Getting staff on McCities was a very nice event that happened this year and I hope that in the upcoming new year I can help even more players and continue to make suggestions for the staff team. This year I also got sr police and Cop of the month multiple times which was lit. When I bought bob in August I thought it would be a fast operation to build up the island but I was proven wrong and still to this day I am still trying to buy back plots. In 2019 I hope I can get Bob built up and to officially give everyone a hint of what's to come which is a very nice modern modern modern city with a stunning beach, sky scrapers, condos for the rich, shops, well known buildings around the world and of course things to do like boat racing, constant parkour, etc. Just to call out a couple of names who have helped me throughout this year @LavaFlake @JustYourCasual @IIAriusII @nibble @FroztyStars @MehLife @Ravenex_ @Smilinq @CreeperCJG @Ena @DarkEmeraldXD @eatsmith XX_Mackenzie_XX, Poseidon, Enderport, Deathinferno, Rothc, and if I forgot you its my fault!