WHoOP whOop


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Nov 5, 2017
who knows where Ena could be -.-
Yo Yo wassup my fav internet dudes.
Sooo I was inactive in the past for health issues but WE ALL GOOD NOW :)))))))))))))) im relieveddd but i still have the issue, but it seems very much stable (doesnt make sense but kk) Anyways, I dont have stable Angina so thats ok :) If you wanna know what i have just ask i dont really care anymore cause its very minorrrr nowww :)))))

I will be inactive for 2 weeks because I have dance camp anddd i return home quite late cause I stay at my friends houses XD I'll be on every night if i can! But otherwise bleh, I'll be on disc and forums i think :) Also, during maybe the beginning of august, I'm going on a major road trip to the US :) (Planning on going to L.A, rhode Island, Florida,Colorado and NY) I've been all around US already but I love it so going again! I'm so jolly XD

Have A good day bbs, ly all
-Enaaa (ee-na or eh-na, no ay-na)