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Sep 6, 2017
Hey Everyone!

We are doing a raffle give away for a newly renovated apartment located at ALJ-2

How To Enter

All you need to do is put your ig (in Game Name) in the comments below and I will put all the names into an online randomizer which will randomly choose a name. That person will be the winner!


- Only 1 entry per-person and it has to be your main account you are not allowed to enter your alt account.
- Only your main account
- You can only enter once
- You can only enter your Ig name not anyone else's

*Note* if there is anything suspicious such as breaking a rule you will be disqualified from the contest

Hope to see everyone entering :D

Here are a few Pictures of the House:

Apartment Photos!

If you want to see it let me know! (contact knight3000 or one of our agents)

knight3000 Real Estate Group

If you are ever looking for a property to either buy or sell, Contact our highly trained agents who can help you with the buying and selling process.

Don't forget to join our discord for all the latest listings with pictures! Link:
Not open for further replies.