100 days on McCities


Staff member
Mar 18, 2017
Hello, McCities I have finally reached an ar time of 100 days meaning I have spent 100 days on McCities, that's equal to 144,000 minutes. From being the owner of Apple, to becoming the President of Runnerboro, to becoming a teacher, to becoming the second richest on the server and one of the few to get past 18m+, to becoming a sr police, and to being an island owner I would like to thank you all who have helped me on this journey. I will call out just a few players if I forget about you I am sorry.

@123jackattack- You have to be one of the best friends I met on here I remember when we bought Gomall together. Apple would not be the same company without you.
@Harmione- Mackenzie you are amazing in your building skills, your business skills, and your creative mind. Without you Apple would not be the same company.
@JustYourCasual- I love playing bedwars with you, playing McCities with you, and talking business with you!
@LavaFlake- Thank you for your help and encouragement especially in your advice on buying an island
@knight3000- Thank you for your help with the Runnerboro government, Apple, and I enjoy working with you on the police force
@Wolfloverlol- Thanks for being so nice!
@laggynab- Thanks for always welcoming me xD
@nibble- I am amazed of how much you have brought to the server and your work to improve the server. Great job on 180 updates+
@Coban- ^
@DarkEmeraldXD- You are such a great friend but please stop abusing me with your modeling agency
@MehLife- Such an awesome boss/minister/friend!
@FroztyStars Thanks for being such a good friend I am amazed of your sf knowledge
@Individuall- I rememner when you joined the server I am so proud to be your friend and have seen you grow into such a wonderful staff member!
@Graphic_elf- COOKIES!!!

If I forgot you I am soo sorry. By the way, just a time to add a personal message, I have seen no real evidence the server is "dying" so please :rolleyes: