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Jun 10, 2018
This is a case filed by @redstone_slayer.

1. Who are you accusing?
2. What are your claims/accusations?
Stunningly promised me $100k to fight him, paid to me when I reached the PVP island in fishing. Instead, right once I was on the island, he hit me, causing me to be PVP combat tagged. As I swam away, he then started insisting that he 1) already paid me and 2) did not mean money even though he specified 'pay' multiple times in his messages. I did not know court cases were possible until after the chat had disappeared so I got screenshots of my cashed chat log from /Library/Application Support/minecraft on my laptop. I also have one screenshot from after. I will attach everything on Imgur links below.
3. Any additional proof you can provide us?
Everything attached via Imgur link...
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