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Feb 11, 2017
1. What is your username?

My username is AcidixVoid but it will change in the future

2. What is your server rank? (do /ar check)

My server rank is citizen. I have 14 days played though.

3. Do you have a discord account? (Yes | No | Willing to make one)

Yes, I do. It is : #1727
4. What builds would you like to submit? (/plot home <number>)

I'd like to submit /plot home 1.

5. Why do you want to be an architect?

Personally one of my jobs i want to do in the future and go to school for is Architecture. I fell in love with architecture at a very young age. Im in awe with the houses that people are building and structuring and even in minecraft im in awe too at this beautiful creations. I played on this server a long time ago and became Architect but that didn't work out so well because stuff happened so now i've been playing on the server more and trying again. I want to be able to Jaw drop people when they come on the server and see my builds and the teams work aswell.

6. How would you contribute to community projects?

I can contribute to projects with my Communication skills. I like to communicate to a lot of people and just in general. I prefer working on big projects with a partner or another architect. My leadership trait that i have because of a variety of sports that i play i like to be a leader and i like to have a voice on a project or in a game etc. the most important part of a community project is effort because if you don't give it, it can put everyone in a mood that doesn't get stuff done, so if you don't bring effort or bring yourself to the table, it won't work out so good, so i can bring every ounce of effort to projects to make sure they get done but also look good at the same time.

Have a nice day or night, and look forward to the reply's.


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Jan 3, 2017
New England
I snooped on your other plots as well, I like the modern houses and how the dark oak runs throughout. One thing to work on would be interior skills. I love open-concept houses, but sometimes there needs to be a few walls (or a fireplace, etc.) to separate the large open space. I'd like to see some more details and furnishings in the houses, if possible. ex) add desks to bedrooms, add some flowerpots with plants, larger living areas, some sort of separation on main floor, wall decor

I'd also like to see your attempt at a traditional-style home, and perhaps a skyscraper. The more stuff you apply with, the better! Unfortunately this application is denied for now. Reapply once you consider my/other players' tips :)
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