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Mar 18, 2017
Hello! Apple is looking for two new employees to join our team. These two people will help with our current operations as we are planning massive expansion by June (One year aniversary when Apple was founded). The current employees of Apple are @Nicole66, @knight3000, @Leroymooshoo312, @legoprodigy, and @JustYourCasual. The following jobs are now open at Apple you can apply for: Head of Marketing and Head of Advanced Slimefun. The following information below will help anyone who would like to apply for these jobs.
What is Apple: Apple is a company created by Trump15024 (me) on June 14, 2017 with the goal of providing products that are in demand at a fair price. The company Apple is one of the oldest and longest lasting companies on McCities and the first company to receive and distribute smart watches.

What would I do in these jobs: In the Head Of Marketing job you will help Apple learn about what products on McCities are in high demand, engage with players to figure out their views on new products, and help advertise. The head of advanced Slimefun job you will be helping Apple and will be over all Apple operations releated to Energey and Electricity, GPS, and Cargo in the /sf guide.

Pay/Benefits: You will be payed no matter weekly for working at Apple. However, you can earn more money doing different tasks. Employees will always have the chance for raises, bonuses, etc. Employees also get a lot of good experience that can help them in McCities.

How to Apply: