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May 29, 2018
United States
I am sueing the player @xValen for 2 million.

The reason I am sueing this player is because they fell back on their word after a bet we had a mutual agreement on. I challenged this player to a 1v1 pvp fight where I explicitly stated the loser pays the winner 2 mil. I killed him fairly and after the fight he refused to pay his excuse being "2m in my country means 2 minutes" . Well "in my country" 2m means 2 mil. The "in my country" excuse holds no water especially in the context of our bet. I feel it is especially unfair for this player to mouse out of our bet because if I had lost I would be out 2 million dollars, I am a man of my word and I was willing to lose 2 million of my bank, I have a history of betting on 1v1s on this server and I've even lost to the player @2704patrick before and I paid him his fair share for winning. I believe xValen's failure to stick to their word constitutes scamming because I could have easily lost my entire bank to this player if they killed me. I have attatched screenshots of xValen agreeing to the bet and dying.
PS. I forgot to screen cap this but I even offered this player to pay 200k a measly 1/10th of what he owed me, I told him if he payed 200k I would drop the whole thing but I gave him his chance at redemption, he refused so I've been left no choice but to make this court case.


Nov 16, 2017
Alright let's get this cleared up. When he asked me to fight him for 2 mil I denied him, I offered to go for 10k he denied me, and later he again stated that he would pay 2 mil if I won. I said "I offer 2m" he said "So you accept to PAY 2 mil if I win?" I never agreed to that, I said "I agree to 2m" (Not to mention the non-agreed use of bandages) So he won, and I asked what he wanted two minutes of, I would have given him two minutes of anything he wanted as this was my side of the bet, but he didn't ask for anything so to sue me for it seems to be a waste of everyone's time. I don't have 2m in the bank, so why would I agree to paying it? If it's this big of a problem for him he should have been more careful and asked me to clarify what 2m meant as I clearly (you can check logs on this) agreed to 2m, not 2 mil which is what his side was on for. To wrap things up, this was a simple pvp match. If anything, he gained some dropped money from it, otherwise there was no loss, so there is no problem.


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Jan 3, 2017
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In context, it's quite clear that you agreed to pay $2,000,000, not 2 minutes of your time. I'm sure that if you won the fight, you would be expecting a payment of $2mil @_Vigilance_. Please pay @cutie-kun (4_Ply) $2,000,000 OR region(s) whose value equals $2,000,000 OR a mixture of cash and plots. I will value the plots, if needed, to avoid bias to either side. Contact me with your decision within a few days, xValen, or it will be made for you. Thank you, case closed.
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