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Mar 18, 2017
Thank you for reading this thread. Today I am launching a contest for companies and individuals named after the CES event where companies showcase the newest technology and services to the world. So I thought it would be cool to have one on McCities. Which I have decided to do :D below is the Q&A (This is not endorsed by McCities staff and is something I am doing privately)

How do we enter:

You will have two weeks to enter a new creative business, roleplay, invention (?), company, product, etc by discording me (trump15024#8809) or making a conversation with me on forums with a description and a picture.

What do I get?

Once all things are entered there will be a forums poll and the thread will showcase all the new ideas and products. No matter what all participants get $15,000 to start off their new role-play. The winner however gets $250,000. You are only allowed to submit one per person.

This can even be a new modern cool building design!

NOTE: if you submit something silly just to get $15,000 I reserve the right to cancel your submission and you will not get the 15k.

Soon I will be giving our grants to new companies because I feel we should have more companies on McCities!

Btw this 200k can only be used for the new role-play and you have to provide evidence how you will use it
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