Chapter One - September Update


Greetings and salutations,

How have you all been? Hope you are all dandy today, I have missed you all! Oh me? I am doing quite well, thanks for asking.

So what brings me here after several months of nothingness? First you deserve to know that my activity wasn't high, most of my time was spent either working or having general life problems, that's why development on my end is delayed, plus I had to wait on a couple of developers to fix their plugins in order for mine to work properly.. But I did give it my best whenever I got the chance (My teddy bear can vouch for me).

Anyhow, your support and feedback, mainly on our Discord server (, have been amazing and helped us a lot, from combating lag to balances and bug fixes.

Today I will be listing some of the changes we recently had on the server, as well as inform you of some of the upcoming updates.

Recent changes:

+ NEW concept of Criminal and Noble that will reward players depending on their reputation points.

+ NEW /profile [player] command to view the profile of a player, which displays their: Age, Sex, Chosen Path (Criminal or Noble) and Honorific Title. More information below. /profile without a username shows your own profile.

+ NEW /edit command to customize your own profile, it's all done via a GUI so you won't worry about sub-commands.

+ NEW /profile age <age> to change your displayed age.

+ NEW /giverep <player> and /rep [player] commands.

+ Reputation has been reset, and will be from now on seasonal. More information below.

+ The old Reputation system has been completely replaced with a brand new one, which comes with the new listed features down below.

+ The Honorific Titles received a full revamp, featuring new Titles depending on the player's reputation points and chosen path.

+ Criminals and Nobles earn extra EXP points toward certain jobs each.

+ Companies have been re-added in ALPHA stage.

+ Claiming creative plots now cost money.

+ Fixed lots and lots of sources for lag.

+ Fixed players exploiting exams and exceeding the 2 jobs limit.

- Police Officers no longer earn reputation when jailing a player. (May or may not stay like that.)

* Some of the updates will take effect starting tomorrow.

Upcoming updates:

College is starting very soon, and I will have little time when it does.. so in the next few weeks I will try and free myself more for the server before that happens.

1) Objectives and Crafting. Those two, will sadly, be re-coded from the start just like reputation, but this time it will hopefully be faster, but once they are done, it will be well worth it. They will include event-related tasks that will reward players for completing them, and letting them unlock even more tasks.

2) Upgrading the statistics website to display more information, and perhaps even hook it with Objectives once it's done for an easy user interface.

3) Adding new features for reputation

4) Getting ready for the spoooooks

Now comes the F.A.Q for some of those changes

1) What does it mean that reputation will be seasonal?

I'm glad you asked. Seasonal means that every certain period, reputation will reset, and each player will receive a reward upon reset. The reward varies depending on how much they progressed in that particular season.

2) How to earn reputation?

Reputation can be earned via other ways than /giverep. You can earn reputation by voting, leveling up in Jobs and in events. More ways are planned and will be added in the future.

3) What's the difference between Criminal and Noble?

Each player gets to choose whether they want to be a Criminal or a Noble via /edit. In doing so, you choose a path that will affect the way you earn reputation points.

By becoming a Criminal, ANY reputation points you earn will be negative. So say somebody with a reputation power of 5 reputed you, you will receive -5 (negative) reputation points, while a Noble will receive 5 positive reputation points.

The more reputation points you earn, the more you progress towards Honorific Titles, and there are 14 Titles in total, 7 for Criminals and 7 for Nobles.

In the future, each path (Criminal or Noble) will have their own set of features, whether it be related to Gangs, the Blackmarket, Jobs, Objectives or anything really.

Nobles earn extra EXP Points in the following jobs: Farmer, LumberJack, Miner, Fisherman and Doctor.

Criminals earn extra EXP Points in the following jobs: LumberJack, Miner, Hunter, Blacksmith and Hitman.

*EXP Earned varies depending on your Honorific Title.

In the near future Nobles and Criminals will have more benefits each, I'm still just testing how the system plays out. This is still ALPHA so it's not final, many things will change.

4) Companies, yay they are back now (hopefully forever?)

We are still testing the system out, but it's fully functional and tested out by the staff team. To create a company you need an investment of $50,000.

You can also assign workers different cosmetic titles (which are different from actual roles like CEO etc). Check it out yourself in-game, preferably before you waste all your money on the new /warp casi no (wink wink)

5) Creative plots, why do they now cost money?!

Players have been abusing the system by claiming too many plots via alts, which is unfair for others, so this adds sort of a restriction. (You better be thankful my next update isn't taxes, yes I am looking at you multi-millionaires)

I think that sums it all up, even though I'm sure I've missed stuff here and there. In honor of the new update, Kiri has blessed us and decided to launch a limited time 30% sale on the server store, so make sure to pick whatever your heart desires before the sale ends because we won't have another one for a while.

Until next time, stay safe my fellow citizens!



Mar 13, 2016
SERIOUSLY!? (my ign is galactic_Games btw, dont believe the forums)

I made my company, deleted it, then made a new one... and then I checked the forums and saw "50,000 will be deducted."
I wish there was a confirmation.. ;.;
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Oct 14, 2017
Google maps
I was hoping slimefun could be uncrippled before we got companies, asking staff every 10 minutes to replace your SF stuff cause it turns into the dudes head is SO ANNOYING
As said maaaaamy times before.
Eh no....
Takes up too much time and nibble is doing something something bussy something
And coban is giving us actual goof updates and reducing the lagg.
Buttt. It may be done in the future ;)
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Oct 25, 2016
Thank you very much for updating the server :D The time you have sacrificed for this place will surely be worth it :D Hmm.. I do have a few doubts about this Criminal and Noble thing..
Whether and action is good or bad depends on the person, and it even depends on the situation..
Killing for revenge is considered good personally by many players even if the server wants to stop all killings.
Oh wait, this is just a game??.. Oh ok, your Criminal or Noble thing doesn't need to line up with your intentions?