Court Case Against Tuffgro37

Aug 11, 2019
1. Who are you accusing?

2. What are your claims/accusations?
Tuffgro37 messaged me a couple days ago asking me to guess he who was. (Apparently tuffgro37 was his alt and we were "friends" on his main account) I then continued to ask easy questions to help me. Such as, "Are you Canadian" and he would reply yes or no. I figured he was someone I had recently met (New player) he denied it and said he's been on for much longer on his main account. I then guessed Culy (CurlyHairKiller) Which he then replied saying yes. Everything was normal for a bit and we had a regular convo until he asked for a loan. I asked why since he clearly had more money than me on his main account. He then stated that he didn't want anyone knowing about his alt so I agreed since he led me to believe we were friends. He asked for 150k which I gladly paid him. I made him sign a book saying that I paid and that he will have to repay me. Though, I did not set a date (My bad). In the book I also mentioned that he was an alt and his main account was CurlyHairkiller but sooner or later I found out that I was scammed and tuffgro37 is certainly not CulryHairKiller.
(I asked Curly)

3. Any additional proof you can provide us?
I don't have proof stating tuffgro37 saying he was Curly though I have a few photos proving I paid him and the book I made him sign.
(I attached the two screenshots but the photo where it shows I paid the 150k keeps saying the "file is too big" How should I add it?)



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Jul 15, 2019
Good luck, although I wouldn't just believe anyone again, you should have asked a question only you guys knew or something, anyways have a good day, good luck in all regards. Jackie!
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