Case Closed Court Case against WolfFam1

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Jun 30, 2018
1. Who are you accusing?


2. What are your claims/accusations?

I gave him a mall spot for 25k he payed me 5k and was supposed to pay me 20k when he sold bunnyears4. Few days pass he sold that plot. Another few days pass i see him online and ask him if he sold that plot he said yes and i asked him if he could pay me my 20k back, he said ill pay you in a week on 11/14/2018 and now its 11/21/2018 which is a week from that day. I saw him online today and told him to please pay me my 20k, and he bought a yacht worth 3mil, and he never payed me my 20k so i warned him to pay me or ill create a court case also idk if im allowed to do this but i wanna put another 5k to that for the late payment but if i cant then thats fine. :)

3. Any additional proof you can provide us?


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