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Oct 12, 2017
The Netherlands
Username: TrickyCobra.
What you were doing before this occurred: I came online to play some minecraft. When I joined I was in creative because I was visiting the house that budgie was making for me. When I wanted to warp to bank, I noticed that my Creative inventory turned into my normal inventory. My Exotic axe, 20 burgers and my Halloween Hat 2017 were in my creative inventory. I didn't want to go into survival because I was scared to lose the items. Soo, I contacted @LeanneTheUnicorn about it. She came online, took the items out of my creative inventory. I warped to bank, and then she put them back.

Someone was asking for help because there was someone trespassing. I tped to them, did /duty so I was getting my police items. Helped the guy out. After I told their bail, I did /duty again so i would get back my normal items. Butt, my previous /duty items were in there. So I still lost the items. @LeanneTheUnicorn can testify that she put the items back into my normal inventory. Ive got some screenshots of the items that were in my inventory:
2018-02-22_19.20.35.png 2018-02-22_19.20.43.png 2018-02-22_20.20.51.png
What you've lost (Only if you lost something) or what happened: Ive lost my Halloween hat 2017, 20 ChickenBurger from /warp mcdonald and my Exotic Axe.
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