Case Closed Getting Robbed of 232k

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Feb 19, 2018
1. people i am accusing @AqqL & @Skittix
2.@AqqL broke into my house by shooting the glass and i had a bounty on @King_CobraX of 232k and so i was claiming it in my house for his head to sell then @AqqL broke through the window and he killed me and @King_CobraX. Now i have no money and and i am an executive rank so you can tell that i had that kind of money.
- @AqqL refused to give back my money and as well as brought with him @Skittix to come to my house and kill me
- @AqqL and @Skittix kept on coming back to kill me and @King_CobraX
- @AqqL also may have taken stolen items from my unlocked chest also by shooting the glass and getting in.
- @AqqL also tp to me and then he ended up killing me and @King_CobraX
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