Case Closed Got banned

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Jun 2, 2018
1. Who are you accusing- Sleepingbexuty
2. What are your claims/accusations- I did not know how to request a transfer of my plot so I could start building so I just started breaking blocks in survival but then figured out how to transfer my plot to creative and I was almost building but then I got banned because the house was still broken but I was fixing it and still got banned
3. Any additional proof you can provide us?-The plot name on survival is mmh4 and the creative plot is named 37;22 I was working on the problem and not just letting it sit there I just have not finished yet but I was close until I got banned Netherhaven can vouch for me that i was in the process of building the new house
Screenshot 2018-06-09 22.59.57.png
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