Hiring Interior/Outdoor Builder

Nov 11, 2018
Interior Builder:

Hello I'm looking for an interior builder to do my 1st and 2nd floor on my plot! I'm looking for a rustic/modern style with quartz and wood throughout. I already have the house laid out in sections of where certain rooms are and what its meant to contain in that area. My budget is 100k-150k. Please mail me on forums/in-game or just msg me whenever you see me! However I'm looking a builder who has builds already created so I would be able to check out their style to find the perfect match :D

Outdoor Builder:

Hello again! I'm looking an outdoor builder to help construct my backyard to make it more into a garden like area! If you have builds showing off your exterior design that would be perfect! My Budget for this task is around 20k-50k due to the smaller size of the yard.

If you have any questions regards to any of the jobs please msg/mail me! However I will be contacting the people or person I choose by the end of the week :D