Case Closed I blame Stunningly for TPA killing me.

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Apr 19, 2018
Puerto Rico
I was auctioning h344 and I advertised it. 2 People came including Stunningly. He was outside and I hit him accidently. I said to him "Chill" a lot of times and kept hitting me.
Soon as I go into the water. I get killed. Then I do /back to my place. Then we are at the beach and I throw my Fishing Rod at him again and again, and I hit him and He starts to kill me. He killed me and I was very mad. And I tp'd to h344 again to Advertise it again. Soon enough, he comes and kills me.

I do not have proof.

Plus Stunningly was annoying me so much saying "I have screenies" for "proof". And I don't the what the hell are the proofs but it's not gonna work.

I swear to got Stunningly, If you post those "screenies" here, I wont trust you anymore.
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