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Mar 18, 2017
It seems you are a new player. My advice is you want to get to the point where gambling 10k does not destroy you money wise. First, you need to start out and do /warp farm and harvest the crops there and sell them at /warp shop. This will get you enough money to start out. After farming you need to join the fisherman job and fish at /warp fishing and participate in the fishing contests. Make sure that you have a good fishing rod with good enchantments. Third after you have gained enough money from farming and fishing you need to start mining. Mining is the best server job to earn money. You will need to get a good pick axe and mine at /warp mine. It seems you are not earning any money from selling items since the items you are selling don't have a large demand. Also when you start on a job such as a farmer make sure to actually do /jobs join farmer or whatever the job is so you are getting the benefits from the job such as XP and pay.


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Oct 14, 2017
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I suggest lootings. What are rare items in minecraft? Those items (most of them) Are rare at cities too. People love shulker boxes or wither skulls. You can also join someone's company.

Thing is as a starter it's best to just get recourses and mine a lot.
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