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Aug 26, 2017
My mother. *Thanks mom*
Some of you may have noticed i'm not online as usual.

I've been really busy with stuff irl and ending school and stuff, most of that is over though.

I will be inactive for a bit longer though as I want a bit of a break. Here are my reasons.

1. I've been getting to addicted to the game. not to the state i will stay up to 12 and my grades are going down. (still staight A's :p)

2. I'm personally not in my happiest state on the server.

3. I've been taking time to actually hang out with irl friends and stuff, ive been fairly anti-social and ive just been coming home and hoping online, but i want to actually hang out with irl friends.

4. Some people with their toxicity is to much, it hurts to see a server i love so much to be infested with toxic people and its to much.

I hope that made sense and I hope u respect my decision. I will be hoping on now and then for like a few mins.
Idk how long this "break" will be but once im really active youll know its over.

But for now, goodbye friends.


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Dec 30, 2017
The Stacks
I took a three month break earlier this year- the best thing I've done in a long time. Sometimes you just need to get back into reality, and remember that while MCCities may be amazing, it isn't life. Take as long as you need, and get yourself a real life! :)

Be sure to catch me up on life, though, sometime! :D My Discord is BootsieBear#4450! :)