Feb 26, 2017
1. What is your Minecraft username (ign)?: Lenard_McCoy

2. What subjects do you want to teach? (list 2 - 3 subjects that aren't taken and relates to Minecraft): If I become a teacher I would like to teach: Math, science, or music

3. What is you rank on the server? (Citizen, Millionaire, Police, etc): In game I am a citizen.

4. What would you do if a student wasn’t behaving appropriately in class?: If a student is disobeying in class I would give them a warning first, then send them out of the room, and if they still aren't behaving I would send them to the principal's office.

5. Do you have a discord account? (This is now required for teachers to communicate and plan as a team): Yes I do. If I'm accepted i will give it.

6. What timezone are you in?( Important for knowing when to plan school): Pacific Standard Time.

7. Why do you want to become a teacher?: I always wanted to be a teacher in real life, and when I found out this server had teachers as a job I wanted to get it. I am hoping I get the job!

8. Do you agree to be a good role model? As a teacher you should be responsible, mature, and follow the law. If a teacher is caught being a poor role model or breaking server rules they will be reprimanded.: Yes! They teach children who might follow their example. If they are a bad person the child might grow up to be a bad person, but if the teacher is a good person they will most likely grow up good. So yes, I agree!
Likes: Death