McCites EGF Fan Fiction Crossover #1: Part 1/2


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Feb 18, 2019

I, Brad Von Ender, have finally taken over there world!!!! Hahahaha!!!! Oh someone's listening? Listen closely Agent: The Elite Gamer Alliance RealCreeperGamer, Perry, Mary, Rookie and Larry were unable to stop me Brad Von Ender! I was finally one stop ahead of the EGA and you have zero chance of stopping me. Don't worry Agent I didn't forget about you AntiCreeperGamer will take “good” care of you and your little friends. The Director of the EGF has gone missing, EGF has fallen and it's best agents captured! Besides, how are you going to stop Brad Von Ender? This is the only world for me to take over anyway. Brad's right hand man Zane rushed over “There’s another Earth for you to take over in another dimension Sir!” Brad yelled “Well what are we waiting for!? We need to get there now!” oh and I know Mark is trying to take over this story he can have it back I need to get to McCities now!


Chapter 1: McCities in chains!

*Meanwhile in McCities* everyone was gathered at Town Hall for an important announcement but a portal from another dimension appeared along with two new arrivals Brad Von Ender and his minion Zane and the supervillain started causing chaos and destruction to the city. The Mayor demanded “I don't know who you two think you are but I'm not going to allow you to cause any trouble in my city!! It's time for you to leave and never return!” Brad laughed “I'm the most dangerous wanted supervillain of my dimension the one and only Brad Von Ender hahaha! I was finally one step ahead of those Elite Gamer Failures and I took over my dimension’s world thanks to my genius planning. Their Director has gone missing, the EGA has fallen and I captured their best agents! There's not a single person who can stop in this dimension. In fact, I think you need to be taken care of Mayor, Zane why don't you take care of our guest here.” and within a matter of seconds McCities was in chains and a rebellion was created. In the Rebel Alliance's base they were coming up with a plan to stop this “Alright.” Trump15024 said “Brad mentioned something about the Elite Gamer Force right? If we can get to his dimension we can track down the members of the EGA.” which was a good idea but how are they going to get there is the question. Then Jo3512 suggested “Brad said the Elite Gamer Failures not Elite Gamer Force! Besides, why should we ask them for help? I mean, clearly they couldn't stop him from taking over their world. I say we shouldn't trust the EGF since they'll fail at the job to help us right?” the group agreed to not trust the EGA and do anything to make sure they don't get in their way.


Chapter 2: Agents Assemble

*Meanwhile at EGF HQ* me and the agents were fixing up headquarters a bit I mumbled something under my breath “What did you say Mark?” Perry asked I sighed “It was nothing I suppose…” Mary looked at “Are you sure Mark? After Brad escaped you haven't been yourself lately.” I didn't want to answer that but I didn't worry Mary so I answered “If we were to go after Brad Von Ender how are we going to stop him? I mean, there's only 5 us against his army we won't be able to defeat him on our own. It's not like there's an EGA where he went.” I was just being honest than Mary walked up to me and slapped me silly “Where's the Mark I know!?” I answered “Right here in front of you.” she slapped me again “Your not Mark!” I replied “Yes I am Mary!” once again she slapped me and started crying “The Mark I know would come up with a plan and cheer everyone up when the going got tough. He saw the good in his teammates and turned them into smarter and tougher agents! He wouldn't be mopping around because he was defeated and feel bad for himself he'd rise up to the challenge give his friends a pep talk and get ready for what lies ahead!!!! Where's that Mark!? Mark I love you with all my heart and I want to spend the rest of my life with you and I'll never leave your side, I love you for who you are and I respect you as a person. Now I see I made a mistake for falling in love with a coward!” she left the headquarters and I chased after her. I had no choice I had a crush on her ever since I joined the EGF but I didn't know she felt the same way, after hours of searching I found her and sat next to her she asked “What do you want Mark the RealCowardGamer?” I replied “I want to be with the most beautiful girl that I fell in love with.” she laughed “Your neighbor?” and I said “Your the one I fell in love with Mary.” after days of hanging out with each other and going on dates with my girlfriend I proposed to her and she said yes. Anyway, we went back to HQ to come up with a plan with the agents and Perry suggested “Why don't we build a portal to the dimension where Brad is hiding?” and so it began we jumped into the portal and to the dimension where Brad went.


Chapter 3: When worlds collide

In the Rebel Alliance's base a portal appeared with five new arrivals but not just any arrivals the Elite Gamer Alliance has arrived to stop Brad Von Ender unfortunately nobody was happy to see us. One of them asked “Are you the Elite Gamer Failures?” I simply replied “You mean the Elite Gamer Alliance? Clearly Brad Von Ender has brainwashed you into thinking we're a complete waste of time. Hahaha! I beg to differ.” another said “I'm Trump15024, this is Jo3512, over there's TheDiamondTiger, next to him is fullofgracie and in that corner is ItsJazzMade.” Gracie said “Hold on Brad said your the Elite Gamer Failures and you say your the Elite Gamer Alliance. Why should we believe you?” Larry answered “Are you really going to trust a supervillain who has taken control of your city?” they all looked at each other and Jo3512 asked “Who are you dudes anyway?” I answered “I'm Mark the RealCreeperGamer, this is my fiance Mary if you ever need go undercover she's the one you go to, the one in the lab coat is Perry he's in charge of the agency's gadgets inventions etc, the one in the Hawaii shirt is the Rookie and the one in the suit is Larry the eye in the sky. We are the Elite Gamer Alliance! There's only five of us but we're strong, tough ready to fight the forces of evil! The Rebel Alliance please help us in this war between our worlds sure we can make progress just on our own but we can join forces work together to save our worlds!” the Rebel Alliance thought about it and agreed to help us. I hope this isn't one of those situations where they're working together with Brad I whispered to the others telling them to be extra careful with the Rebels.


Chapter 4: Mark leaves The EGA!?

The Elite Gamer Alliance and the Rebel Alliance working together I was getting call “Hello?” the voice replied “Greetings Agent RealCreeperGamer it's the Director I've landed in the same dimension as you did. Shut up Zane! He doesn't know it's me and I'm trying to trick him to-” I hung up on Brad and Perry was waiting for me “Mark! You wouldn't believe what I discovered!” I walked over to him “That we're all getting calls from Brad Von Ender with different messages to trick us to make us think who's calling the Director or Brad so we'll all turn against each other and the EGA will fall apart once again and we'll never be able to stop Brad Von Ender because he's using a voice changer to sound like the Director because the Boss has gone missing and Brad will do anything to make us hate each other?” Mary looked at me in shocked “How dare you say that about the Director!? The Boss told us that you're secretly working for Brad Von Ender!!!! How dare you double cross us like that!? Get out NOW!!!!” I didn't say anything and I listened to her and left the base, outside of the base is Brad's minions and they'll do anything at all cost to take down the EGA.


Chapter 5: Secrets revealed!

Hi I'm Mary Gamerton I'll be taking over my fiance's story since he betrayed us! As soon as Mark left I looked over at everyone and Perry looked at me in disappointment “Mary how could say that about him? Mark went through all the awesome and life threatening missions with us and without him we wouldn't be here helping these poor people.* I replied “The Director told me that he's a traitor and do anything to get his way!” Perry sighed “Mary would a traitor help you in your deepest darkest moments? Would a traitor do anything for the love of his life to make her happy? Would a traitor be engaged to a vampire? Oh you didn't tell him your Mary queen of the vampires? I'm 100% certain that he'll love you no matter what but to be sure of that you'll have to ask him yourself but it's too dangerous to go out there alone.” I thought about it for a second and realized he was right I can't keep secrets from Marky like that. I have to come up with a plan to rescue him looks like I'm taking my man's place!