McCities Updates Returning

Greetings citizens,

It has been far too long since we last talked! As you may or may not know, I had resigned from my position on the server a few months ago due to my limited time. Now that my exams are over, I am pleasured to say that I have returned as a Developer to the server.
I always had a vision for the server, and that was for it to be unique and exceptional but I was too occupied by life and my previous rank, owner. But now however, that all changed, I will have more time to spend developing and taking care of the back-end of the server. It will also serve as an excellent stage for me to test and improve my skills.

And now with the introduction out of the way, what is new and what is to be expected in the future?
Our current plans are as follows:
- Optimization, and more optimization
- Forking old and outdated plugin to improve efficiency
- Developing new ideas and plugins for the server
- Improvement of brand image and further expansion
- Hire a sub-team of developer(s) to assist me with development
- Improve the back-end architecture

Recent changes (from the moment I came back until now):
+ Improved the database structure and reduced the load, which lead to less lag and better performance.
+ Started working on the reputation system once again to finish it once and for all.
+ Created a new section on the website to view the server and players statistics, this is the first stage, many more features will come in the future.
> You can access it via this link: or you can click on "Server stats" in the navigation bar of the website. Image: + Crafting system, alongside reputation will be receiving a new update. Current Reward Shell will no longer be obtainable starting from this weekend. Reputation will be receiving partial reset along with seasonal rewards as well. More details will be available in the next update log.

I returned just a few days ago, so I'm still planning and setting up my schedule considering that I have work. Next time I will hopefully bring you more exciting updates.
Thanks for reading, until we meet again!




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Oct 14, 2017
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Looking forward to your improvements! You're a great guy and i'm happy you are back!

(Tho I was sad when you left, don't do that again will ya? :) )

So ehm I guess now you can fix yhe ultimate lagg and I can start spamming you with my stupid suggestions :/

Welcome back and ehm.. high five


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Oct 14, 2017
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Wb coban I love the new Server Stats, now my bank has been exposed smh xD
Oml... first thats not fair please make that private again.

Also wow you have 19m!!!! Mate come and share with me....

And ehm... lol Im second my bank has been exposed too.. :(
Well idc :) at least it's some ugly steve skin? :/

Everyones has xD thats the point
Well.. some rich people don't want all to know. Like me, before you know you guys are sharing our Locations in cities live... so criminals can come and kill us


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Jul 31, 2014
Welcome back Cobansky now we finaly can make our fight happen were i kick ur **s
how old is that grudge
Welcome Back Coban!! How were your exams?
they were alright, could've done better though.
When will crafting system be finished?
once i'm done recoding parts (or possibly the whole system), not too long.
Will the company plugin be part of these updates?
i still haven't had a look at the plugin, so can't tell for certain, but i'm planning on to yes.