Jun 1, 2018
uh... hi...
I am JackalSpark.....................................(@JackalSpark plz do not tag spam)

I have been playing on MCCities for a while now and I'm kind of late with this, but I ain't the only one...
First off... You might recognize me for the rules I break. Of course, they ARE mostly on accident such as bumping old forum posts all of the time and creating houses in survival...

Second, I am a very strange being...

I listen to nightcore
But I am not a weeaboo
I love foxes and jackals
But I am not a furry

Already leaving? No, stay some more! I swear, some of the things I type might be interesting even if the 8ball says it won't.
As you have already noticed, I like to play with words a lot...:fox:
Another thing you have probably noticed is that I have a strange vocabulary... I make some words up for fun...

Here are a few just so you know what I am talking about:
Frufl: another word for frick XD
:fox: : Symbolises awkwardness
Gerat: Someone who hates foxes
Retah: Someone who hates jackals (Notice what I did there? :D)

Ok, this is getting really awkward even thought I am only typing... I am probably sweating right now...

But, anyway, here are some more unusual facts about me!

I used to be Spark6149, but if you call me that now bad things will happen :D

I have the WORST patience ever... It's all fun and games until someone annoys or disagrees with me.

I am friends with TwistedL0gic, VerySmolBirb, and Baley150 online.

Mostly all I do is hang around at the bank...

I do giveaways every now and then... Another one might be coming next week :O

I am straight :O:O:O:O :fox:

I am a love/hate person. From my book, this means that I focus around personalities... If you have a bad personality, I probably don't like you! If you appreciate me and I love your personality, I LOVE to hang around you!

I LOVE to talk with people as long as I am only having one conversation at a time.

I live in Virginia where there is always a sauna right outside your door! Trust me, that ain't a good thing...

My spirit animal is the red fox

I know Swedish and a bit of French

Ok... Let's be honest... we ALL love talking about ourselves! Of course, there is a LOT more that I could say.
What, you want to hear a deep secret? Well, if you knew my secrets you would never want to see me again...

Ok, ok! Fine

My favorite color is....

Blue... :O

Ok I'm done don't ban me for that plz


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Oct 14, 2017
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Heyoww xd so..
You are a weirdo? Welcome! I'm the richest noob on the server.
So yeah welcome and hf! Also you're nice for giving stuff away and sharing your hapiness :fox: lol Im addicted...
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