Case Closed Money Stolen by Scammers

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Jun 14, 2017
1. @chavesgirl1 and @Seleem_Night scammed $9,000 from me and $5,000 from @acfuffy
2. @chavesgirl1 posted an add in the chat saying she was selling an "ak-47" for $5,000. I messaged her and we agreed to meet at the Shop. When I got there I payed her the $5,000 but she demanded $9,000 after I payed her. I gave in and payed another $4,000. I proceeded to follow her friend (as she instructed me to do) who then in turn opened fire and killed me (he wasn't jailed). Now they are refusing to give me a refund.
3. Ask @acfuffy about his/her story (it's similar to mine)


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Mar 18, 2017
Well to make safer deals tell them to put it on ah. Second ak-47 is an old gun that dosent work anyways and is disabled. Either ways u would have been scammed. Third chavesgirl1 is chass_nighter or something who ban evaded so chavesgirl1 is banned at the moment which is i guess ud be happy cus u hate her, but she also cant pay u at the same time. I highly suggest to ask staff or check the guides section for tips not to get scammed and previous court cases with the same topic of getting scammed to see ways how to avoid it and good luck


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Oct 24, 2016
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When you are doing trades or buying an item, I highly suggest using /ah to sell it. This way the player places the item up for sale and you are able to check the price and buy it from /ah without directly paying the player. You're able to get your item, they get their money, and no one gets scammed in the process. If anyone insists on you /pay'ing them for a product, there is a high likely hood of the situation being a scam. If you feel the situation might turn into a scam feel free to get a staff member involved to be your middle man and help the transaction go smoothly. Screenshots are also vital when you feel you have been scammed so please take pictures and use them for evidence in cases.

Since you provided no evidence of this transaction taking place and the player is banned, I cannot help you get your money back. But please in the future take extra precaution to avoid scams and contact me if you have any questions regarding this situation. Best wishes to you, case closed.
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