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May 4, 2018
Right now money is easy to make with /Vote but maybe we could earn more with More realistic ways.

Lottery. In November you can rob the bank. Maybe there should be a month with a lottery (or more) people could have a choice to put in a little and win a lot.

Jobs. I think there could be a few more jobs. Maybe like an engineer who helps with slimefun and earns money by making slimefun.

Mayor. There are staff who help run Mccities, but what if there was a mayor. Maybe you could run for mayor and citizens+ could vote. The mayor would have to be staff approved to run, and would make sure taxes are payed.

Taxes. To make the game more realistic, every so often residents+ would have to pay staff, architects, and police (and mayor) some money.

Hope you consider this!
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