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Apr 27, 2018
The Magical Land Of Narnia!
I'm accusing Haakdude
My claims are that, when i came back on i had seen that my house (h349) had be griefed in the chests the decoration, backyard,upstairs,dowstairs,and everywhere else. He had stole everything in the chests and if you look at it it's very bad. The house costed 115k but everthing in it costed more. I want him to give me everything back as well as i would like my house to be repaired. For this thing to happen i would like my stuff to be returned and would like for him to pay me because he had also taken my sub so i would like that back to. I want everything back. I had taken screen shots of the damage. please help me with this. Thank You For Your Time! P.s I can't get my screenshots to work so you might have to go look for yourself!


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May 6, 2018
help please. This is haakdude. I didn't know that griefing was against the rules. I will return items and blocks.
Please, I very much enjoy this server and will never do that again.
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